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The aim of the project is to understand gender differences in coronary heart disease, in risk factors, clinical manifestations, prevention and outcomes by analyzing published information, European databases and regulations in different countries. Furthermore we plan to analyze awareness on gender differences in lays and the health care professionals in different member states.

We will produce factsheets for doctors and lays on gender differences in coronary heart disease and its prevention and distribute them throughout Europe. For this purpose we are organizing conferences and communicate via magazines and social media. The results of this project shall improve the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease in women and men throughout Europe.

The project partners are:

vera Vera Regitz-Zagrosek (Institue of Gender in Medicine) alan Alan White (Centre for Men’s Health)
antonio Antonio Daponte (Andalusian School of Public Health) angela Angela Maas (Radboud UMC)
jacq Jacqueline Müller-Nordhorn (Berlin School of Public Health) floris_updated Floris Barnhoorn (European Public Health Association)


If you are interested in joining the GENCAD project, you can get involved in work and workshops simply contact us!


Our research aims to understand the unclear, underlying reasons of CAD differences between genders in European countries by analysing


The partners that are invovled in the GenCAD consortium are the Institute for Gender in Medicine (GiM), the Berlin School of Public Health


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